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Welcome to Neutral Ground,

exciting times. Over the past few weeks I've been pulling together friends and resources to get Neutral Ground off the, well ground.

I have an idea to create a permanent, safe, inclusive, indoor location for likeminded people to do their hobbies, individually or as a group. Initially we will be running a monthly meetup in St. Albert to get to know the community, gauge interest and have some fun time doing what we enjoy.
We are also looking for hobby groups and individuals to get in touch with us to see how we can work together.
Our initial list of hobbies and interests that we want to include is:
Boardgames Miniatures Gaming
Art Roleplaying
Crafting 3d Printing
STEM Writing
Book Clubs  
This is definitely not complete and please get in touch if you have ideas for what other interests would be cool in include.
#stalbert #edmonton #stalbertlife #gaming #inclusive